A one of a kind sweet warrants distinctive presentation and unmatched appeal. 2 Fingers Neat stays true to its distilled roots with barrel themed packaging, giving the consumer an experience beyond compare. 

Design & Research


2 Fingers Neat


Cask aging is a staple in bourbon production and is the inspiration for this package design. Two fingers neat, shorthand for a double whiskey with no ice, is also a play on words;
eating chocolate leaves two of your fingers anything but neat. 

User testing
Brand development
Package design
Concept strategy
Concept testing 

Bourbon balls are a variation of rum balls; a no-bake boozy treats which deliver as much of a punch as the liquor used to make them. The three flavors are inspired by the cask in which the bourbon is aged. The flavors are sherry, oak, and port paired with white, milk, and dark chocolate.


Natural handmade packaging

Each wooden, barrel shaped box is cut from responsibly sourced fine birch wood and assembled by hand. Reduce, reuse, recycle are pillars of this package design resulting in an experience as unexpected as the product itself. 

Wax seal & candy mold

Each box is embellished with a wax seal molded onto the front of the package. The seal used to mark the wax began as a 3-D printed model which was then casted to create a bronze plate. An embossed logo is created on every bourbon ball using a digitally handmade mold. 

& design exploration

2 Fingers Neat began as a package design developed in Concept Strategies, one of the first classes in the Communication Design program. It was then carried over to Design Research and further explored in multi-disciplinary interactive lab where the 3-D modeling and laser cutting were utilized. The original package design can be seen below; the concept for the new design is a response to user testing.


Final result