Misty Robotics


Brand & Identity

Misty Robotics is at a point in its development that it is not seeking a wide audience. Developers, programmers, and makers are what they need in order to nurture the capabilities of their recently released Misty II personal robot.


Misty’s success hinges directly on the customer’s contribution to the design. Misty will grow with each mind that contributes code to her programming. She will be a direct reflection of what the people want.

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Misty will help by patrolling the perimeter of your house while you’re gone, taking inventory of groceries on open shelving, or playing with your dog if it’s home alone. You could do things like 3D print an arm for Misty II with a drink holder or add additional sensors like one to monitor air quality.

We will make products that finally make the promise of robots accessible to every programmer and maker  having learned lessons from the tens of thousands who use Sphero’s SPRK. We’re humanity’s number one fan: we believe in the the inventiveness of the dreamers.

Defining Misty; not your average brand

Misty Robotics holds true to its promise to make the very best
multi-purpose robots available to programmers and makers (a.k.a. dreamers, inventors, creators) and enable them, over time, to add tens of thousands of skills to make them useful to office and home consumers.