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The emerging cannabis market is resulting
in a variety of THC, CBD and hemp users.
No longer does the stoner stereotype apply to all marijuana consumers. This provides an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with and cater to these new audiences.



Altiāre understands that every woman’s relationship with cannabis is unique. They know the importance of education and understanding not only where and how the product is grown and sourced, but also how to use each product in a way that maximizes it’s benefits and enhances any experience. Altiāre is a lifestyle, it’s a community and a resource with trusted quality at its core.

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Altiāre guides and encourages your journey through mental and physical wellness without discounting recreational uses. They are judgment free and take strides to overcome stereotypes. Altiāre makes expanding your knowledge and experiences effortless by offering suggestions and a preselected assortment of products that enhance any situation. Altiāre is ethically and naturally sourced and grown and always takes sustainability into account when crafting your personal experience.