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Hammered Bloody Mary Mix is a fictitious company who's brand identity and persona were developed through extensive research. This logo design won silver in a nation wide design competition and will be published in the 2019 Graphis New Talent Annual.


As a bartender with over ten years of experience, one thing I know to be true is that every bartender makes their Bloody Mary differently and every customer knows they’re trying 'your' Bloody Mary  when they order one. Bloody Mary mix is always altered or enhanced with extra ingredients; the mix is just the tool used to craft the cocktail.

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Bloody Marys have been enjoyed as a rich and savory alternative to the average cocktail since the early 1920’s. The cocktail began with only two ingredients, tomato juice and vodka. In 1942 an article in Life magazine featured a cocktail named the “Red Hammer” which consisted of tomato juice, vodka, and lemon juice. Since then, people have been adding every thing from beer to cheeseburgers and pizza to their version of a Bloody Mary. Hammered Bloody Mary Mix is a testament to the original Bloody Mary recipes and all those that follow.   

National award winning logo 

This logo design was selected for a silver award in the 2019 Graphis New Talent Competition under the Logo Design category, and can be viewed in the Graphis New Talent Annual that is to be published July 2019. The badge format displayed to the right is the primary logo and is supported by several secondary formats designed with legibility in mind. Designed responsively, the emblem simplifies to match any screen size.



Hammered Bloody Mary Mix caters to cocktail crafters, build-your-own brunchers, hair-of-the-dog fixers, and everyone in between. A mixer is a tool, much like a Hammer. As the ultimate Bloody Mary tool, Hammered encourages people to build their way. At Hammered, they know tomato based cocktails stand out in the mixed drink world as unique and full of character. Just like their customers.

Nail it with Hammered

Hammered celebrates the individual with a cocktail recipe competition. This ad campaign encourages experimentation, motivating fans to to submit their Bloody Mary variations in order to win prizes. 'Build it. Nail it. Win it.' is the name of this campaign which spans Hammered's website, social media accounts, and delivery fleet as well as posters and billboards in and around bars and restaurants.



Hammered Bloody Mary Mix provides a quality and reliable foundation for any crafter to build from. Hammered's brand voice compliments and reflects the consumer. Ever a malleable presence in the mixing experience, the brand identity presents itself as a clean slate for fans to build a unique relationship with. 


Process preview

This design originates with the celery hammer. From its humble beginnings in a pile of sketches to its full digital realization, the celery hammer helped construct this creative endeavor.