Guayaki  Yerba Mate


Ad Campaign

This three piece print campaign was developed in an art direction group project. My roles in its development included copy writing, concept strategy, and image editing.


Guayaki Yerba Mate provides energy on a different level. Both mind and body are elevated without the shakes and jitters of caffeine. The Guayaki energy shot gives a boost to any activity, elevating your experience so you can be extraordinary.

Concept strategy Print advertising
Copy writing
Photo editing


This ad campaign was the collective effort of an incredible group of designers. The team members included Abigail Dandy, Rachel Hudson, Meredith Marlowe, Brittany Warren, and myself. 

My most significant contribution to this campaign was the photo editing and copy writing. The swan advertisement best represents my photoshop skills and was my main focus of the three. The concept and art direction were developed collaboratively through very effective teamwork strategies and techniques.